Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Artwork Around The Web & Around The World

    Its time to do a little bragging.  I am not really that big into self promotion but I felt really proud of the opportunities I have had recently and thought I would share a few of the projects I had going on with those that have made my continued success as an artist and illustrator possible.

    Last year some of you might remember that I was asked to help illustrate a a book on carp fishing for a fellow angler over in Spain.  I have been supporting my fly fishing habit through art sales for quite a while but illustrating this little piece of work was a first to showcase my artwork as an illustrator.  Carlos over at is a great angler with countless articles in Spanish publications on angling and is considered a real professional across the pond in the art of 'rough' fishing.
    Honestly I cant read a word of this Spanish book but if you are fluent in Spanish and want to know more about the art hooking into European carp or Barbels then you are going to want to pick up this book.

    Another author that has recently decided to use my artwork for their book was Darren MacEachern over at Streamers 365.  Darren has compiled a years worth of streamers tied by some of the worlds top fly tyers.  I was lucky enough to be asked to help with the cover art on volume #2.
    This book just recently came on the market and you can purchase it - as well as Volume #1 by clicking over to to and following the links.  Volume # 3 I am told will be arriving soon so keep checking in for your copy.  This comprehensive collection of streamers will not only be a valued addition to your fishing library but would make a great coffee table book.  In addition to having great cover art - wink, wink - it is also stocked full of beautifully tied streamers and amazing photos.

    Continuing the international exporting of my artwork, I also recently did some work for Dennis and his emerging business in China.  China Fly Outfitters asked me to paint a pair of Lenok Trout for their logo and I was extremely happy to do it.  Not only was I thrilled to see how international my work was going but I was able to branch and paint a fish i otherwise never knew existed.
   Do yourself a favor and click over to see what they got going on over there.  Dennis and his team are not only great guys to work with but he is a class act and could be your connection to fishing trout us Americans would otherwise never see.

    I have discovered that as an illustrator there is a real need for quality illustrations specifically designed by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor sports companies.   Along these lines, this past December I was also contacted by a great guy down in Florida to help him design a number of logos and illustrations for a bait, tackle, and apparel company he was launching this year.  Although this company is not fully up and running - expect more posts on them in the coming months - you NEED to check them out.  Angler 360 plans not only to service the Tampa area with the best bait and tackle around but also is looking forward to distributing their products and apparel world wide.  I look forward to long partnership with them for years to come and once their apparel line becomes available I will be able to tell you when and where to get it.  If you love fishing the salt then this is a place you are going to have to keep an eye on.

    In addition to the big fly fishing and angling companies, along with the occasional book illustration, I have also bee working on graphics for fellow bloggers.  Most recently I designed the logo for Northern California Trout.  Mark is not only an avid angler and blogger but has also recently authored a book of stories on his experiences in life and on the water.  Please click over to check out his site and pick up a copy of his book.  Tell him I sent you.
    In case you were wondering what else my artwork has been plastered on besides the world wide net, company logos, and books, you can also see it on the arm of a dedicated angler in the North East.  This past fall Nate from the Swamp Yankee asked me to illustrate the life cycle of the mayfly for a tattoo.  Before you ask, no sane man will allow me near his arm with a tattoo gun but I did do the pen and ink illustrations for him.  The end result looked sweet and I am happy that Nate was pleased enough with my work to make it permanent. 
     Currently I am working on a few projects including work for other bloggers - which I will show you once they are completed - a few original paintings, and lastly - illustrating a children's book.  The illustration at the top of this post is just one of many illustrations I have already completed for this project and once it is completed I can fill you in on the details.  For now however I am just wetting your appetite and letting you know all I have going on.


Mark Kautz said...

Hey Joel. Thanks for the plug.

Swamp Yankee said...

Looks like you've been busy... that's great, Thanks again for the awesome artwork & the best of luck in 2013.

Jay said...

Great work. You've definitely gone global.

cofisher said...

I'd love to see what your imagination could come up with for Windknots. Great work as usual Joel.

Anonymous said...

Joel, admire your work very much. Drool over some of it some time. Anyhow, perhaps one day I will be able to work with you on a graphic for the Rainbow Chaser.

Carlos Del Rey. said...

Great artist and a better person.

Greetings friend!

Unknown said...

Mark - Thanks for the book. I'm only a few chapters in and I feel like I knew you as a kid.
SwampY - Any time you need another one just look me up. how about a big Brown across the shoulder blades?:-)
Jay - thanks, who would have thought?
cofishier and Rainbow - It would be a pleasure anytime. Thanks for the continued support and watch that the drool doesn't gum up the vice.
Carlos - keep hooking into those Barbels. Someday I am going to need to make the trip over and you are going to need to show me the ropes.

Anonymous said...

We enjoy seeing all your accomplishments and your growth. The Lord has blessed you with many talents.
M and D

Bill said...

Good to see your work getting the recognition, it certainly warrants it!

Feather Chucker said...

Awesome Joel.


So many good things to comment on here... = ) But, I am lovin' that top picture. Oh, yes indeed!

Unknown said...

Nothing but great things to say about Joel and I have never even met him! Thank you very much for the vision and support. I consider myself lucky to have come in contact, by accident, with such a wonderful person. Heres to a new venture! Stay Tuned~

RK Brooks said...

Joel, with you - it's never bragging, it's sharing. Some people brag, but that's a whole other world from sharing your accomplishments! I love your work and I'm with everyone else - please do share with us those mountains as you climb 'em! :)