Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Simple Bugs Catch Fish - Tying The Black Beetle

  Sometimes its the simple bugs that are the most effective.  Take for example the deer hair Beetle.  The other day I took some time to quickly tie up some beetles to replenish my terrestrial fly box.  I had used these little bugs quite a bit near the end of last year and when I looked through my box I noticed that I only had one beetle left.  As I head into spring I knew that one beetle wouldn't cut it, especially when I remembered what I found in the stomach of a fresh caught stocky a few months ago.
    Besides the standard collection of bug wings, midges, and mashed exoskeletons, I had noticed that there where an abundance of beetle parts and the occasional whole beetle.  I even found a few ladybugs which is as we all know is just a colorful beetle.
    For my beetles I use a very simple tying pattern that is not only extremely easy to tie but also uses only three ingredients beyond the hook.
Black Peacock Beetle
1- Size 16-12 dry fly hook
2- Black Thread 6/0
3- Black Deer Hair
4- Peacock Hurl

To tie this beetle I secure the deer hair to the hook using the black thread and then tie in the peacock hurl and wrap it forward.  After tying off the hurl slightly back from the eye of the hook I bring the black Deer Hair  over the hurl to form the back of the beetle.  I then tie it off and trim the rest of the hair at an angle equal to the bend of the eye.  I then used a little white nail polish to add a spot to the back of the beetle just so I can easily pick this black bug up on a flowing river.
    If trout are coming up to feed this beetle will be a good fly to tie on.  I have found that on warm afternoons this fly is the most effective.  It truly is a VERY simple fly and has out-fished the more attractive flies on more than a few occasions.  For those that enjoy an afternoon of Bream fishing, the Black Beetle is a fly that cant be beat.  If you are wondering why I just don't use the new foam styles of beetles and the simple truth is that I just don't like it as much as natural materials.  Call it personal taste but that's how I roll.


Feather Chucker said...

Those look awesome.

cofisher said...

Nice job Joel. I have to say they look more realistic than my foam beetles.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Joel. Thanks for sharing this pattern. Two things, first I like flies that are easy to tie with not a lot of different materials, and secondly, I love to fish for Bluegill when I am not trout fishing. In either case, good pattern to use.

Brk Trt said...

Nice flies.
Beetles have saved me more than once.

Unknown said...

Kevin - those bluegill eat them up.
CoFisher - either pattern works but I have a problem with the foam twisting oon me after a while. No matter how much cement or clear cure Goo I put on them they never last.
RainbowChaser - keeping it simple always works best for my fly tying. I tried to tie up a few humpies and royal C's the other day and it looked like a monkey doing somethin in-natural to a football. And yes the panfish eat them up.
Brktrt- those brookies love them. Saved my but as well.

Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Beetles and Ants are always in my box. If they don't take it on top I'll add a little weight to sink it. Good looking bug!

Anonymous said...

Looks like good eats to me.

Trail The Outdoors said...

Good looking piece to have in the arsenal. You can never go wrong with beetles or ants in my book.

Bill said...

I've used foam for this pattern but never deer hair. I'll have to give it a try.

Unknown said...

Kevin of FWE - I have found that the deer hair is a bit less boyant than foam and acts more like a bug that has been struggling in the water a bit longer. Makes it harder to see but I think it takes more fish.
Anonymous - As long as the fish like it.
Trail - Beetles and ants are a must on any back country trip while chasing blue lines on a topo map.
Bill - like I said - the deer hair floats a bit lower in the water so the white dot on the top is a must. without it I can only set the hook at phantom rises and I miss a lot of fish.

Unknown said...

That is exactly the pattern I use on my local spring creek. I have has such luck with this fly I began calling it the "Weapon of Mass Destruction." I posted a tying video for this fly on my blog