Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nymphing Ain't Bait Fishing

"The Modern Salmon Fly"
    I read a magazine article the other day in which an angler touts the reasons why he only fishes dry flies and how he feels that the only true way to fish for trout is with a dry fly.  I know that this idea has been out there for decades (if not centuries) but I had thought that we have evolved beyond that.  To me it sounded as if this particular angler had watched 'A River Runs Through It' one to many times and felt himself somehow above us anglers that sink to nymph and streamer fishing.  I'm not going to name the magazine because I don't want them flooded with emails and the article actually had some good tactics for fishing dries.  I only bring it up because I'm wondering how can an angler refuse to fish below the waters surface where it is proven that fish feed 70-90% of the time.  All I can guess is that he has some very frustrating days or is the best dang angler the world has ever seen.
    I love the take of a trout on a high floating Adams as much as the next guy but sometimes you need to go where the fish are feeding.  Nymphing and streamers aren't bait fishing people.  Get off your high horse, tie on a Sculpin, and hook into some gills.

    "The Modern Salmon Fly"
-Pen & Inked Sketch on Paper
-Computer Manipulated

Now that I finished with that little rant I want brag.  The other day I got one of those packages in the mail that anglers love to get.  No Bills, No junk, No... Its a package of SWAG!  Cameron over at The Fiberglass Manifesto partnered up with Loon Outdoors for a little givaway and guess who walked away with some top notch stuff.  I needed a new set of nippers and Loon's Nip n' Sip are down right perfect.  nippers with a beer oppener!  SWEET. Add a hat and some freaking cool stickers and boy I am set.
  Thanks to the TFM and Loon - you made my day!


Anonymous said...

Feel free to rant. I enjoyed it. Couldn't agree with you more, fly fishing, is what each of us make of it. I like to make me happy. That means trout on nymphs and streamers or whatever is on the end of my fly line!

HighPlainsFlyFisher said...

Couldn't agree more....each person to their own. I'd rather watch a big brown chase a streamer and crush it than watch fish sip dries daintily off the surface all day. I enjoy all methods of fly fishing but the one I'm most likely to use is the one that's producing on that particular day , personally I enjoy catching a few fish.

FISH TALES said...

fly fishermen really are jerks... thats why i don't do it! wink, wink...

BrookfieldAngler said...

Rant away! I can't stand the elitists that look down on others for not fishing the way they feel is best.

Unfortunately, the fly fishing community is full of them.

cofisher said...

It's a shame that there is always that one bunch of people that think it's their way or no way. That's why I fish small streams for small trout with outdated fiberglass. Congrats on the swag from Cam and Loon.

David said...

Agree with all the above comments,would add that the cost of your gear does'nt make you better or worse flyperson,just like a friend said him & I are grunge fly people,never dress to impress,love all aspects of the flyfish'n/tying world.

Unknown said...

Mel - couldn't have said it better my self. a well tied midge is just as pretty as a dry fly any day.

HPFF - Unless that brown goes airborn while taking a dry, I'd say there isn't much that beats a big brown tugging a streamer.

FishTails - lol - and I love the chrome you've got posted

Brookfield - I guess it is but I thought we've moved past that. Slowly we are changing that.

Cofisher - thanks - I'm with you there.

David - From a guy using a 50year old SalTrout reel for bass and a variety of old low $ backup reels for trout, I have never noticed more or less fish caught on expensive gear. It would sure be nice though to have a few Hardy or Abel reels in my bag.... just because they are so nice and reliable.
Thanks for the visit guys.