Wednesday, October 10, 2012


    I need to make some room in my studio!!!  Seriously, I am overrun with artwork and need to free up some space for new artwork.     Right now these painting are collecting dust in a dark room because I have nowhere to hang them.  They need to be hanging over a mantel or fly tying desk where they can be appreciated instead of tripping me up every time I enter the room.
      Over the next few months and up to Christmas I will be adding original artwork for sale at drastically reduced prices.  All of these paintings are already framed and ready to hang in your den or over you fly tying desk.  Most will cost less than a new fly rod or reel and are priced to sell.
    Check out my ART SALE page at the top of the page for frequent updates.  Christmas is just around the corner people.  Make your significant other aware that you have added these original artwork to your wish list. Below are just the first batch of paintings that are up for sale.

Go to ART SALE!! page to see new prices and details on how to purchase these works.


cofisher said...

I love this! An original framed JoelD! I'm looking, I'm looking. They look so good in my tying room.

Unknown said...

They look good in mine too, I seriously have no more wall space. Guess its time to part with them to make room for more.