Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Painting Brook Trout

For me, painting the brookie is like fishing for them.  Catching one just isn't enough.  You continue to go after them time and time again.  Going farther out of the way in pursuit of these colorful fish.
I believe that I have painted about thirty pieces that feature the Brook Trout over the last five years and yet I feel compelled to go after them again.  For some reason I am also drawn to the darker colors of the species.  Maybe it is the stark contrasts of brilliant oranges and deep green present in the striation of the fins and back that draw me ever forward in my quest to paint the Brook Trout.  Whatever it is, here is yet another Brookie Char for you.  As with most of my posts I will add a little disclaimer on the quality of the pictures.  Even with the advances in cell phone cameras, they just can not capture the true color of this painting.  later on I'll add a quality image as well a print available for purchase.
I started this piece as I always do, with a rough sketch of the subject.  Then  I lay down a bit of color and gradually build up layers until the form of a finished Brook Trout appears.  Then it is all about the details.  Adding fins, slight changes in tone and color until finally I am pleased with the finished product.
I would like to say that most of my time is spent painting, but truth be told I spend a whole lot of time watching paint dry and analyzing what to do next and then waiting for the right moment to do it.  Sometimes I pull it off and, well... sometimes I don't.  But as Bob Ross  (a prolific oil painter) once said, "There is no such thing as mistakes, just happy accidents."

In every painting there are these small imperfection, or as I like to call them, nuances, that make the piece a unique work of art.  The key is making these little nuance work in your favor.
The biggest mistake in this work.... well, this one also has a bit of morning coffee mixed with the paint.  Word of advise while painting, don't put your mug of brew next to your brush water.  MMMmmmmm, nothing like a bit of Brook Trout Red pigment with a hint of hazelnut.  My little boy got a real kick out of that as he sat across from me and watch me drink my tainted coffee.

For individuality sake I will call this brookie -
"Brook Trout #1211"
13"x 6"
Watercolor On Paper
Original Available - Prints coming soon

And on a completely separate topic; I believe that I found the perfect wine glass for my home made wine, beer, mead, and what ever us southerners make that resembles alcohol.   That is right, the redneck wine glass, for those sophisticated southern folk that are not satisfied with the plain old mason jar.
I saw this and said, "Oh yeah, This is mine."
The inventor of this product got every thing right here except one thing.  No true redneck is ever going to pay $22 for a fancy mason jar.  Looks like its back to sipping my brew from dollar store wine glasses I've had for a coons age.  That mason jar is just to highfalutin for me.
I bet he sells a lot of them anyway.  And I walked away thinking..."Why didn't I think of that?"


Todd said...

That is a great piece of work right there.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. You have talent. I really like your images trout! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting. You sir have a great skill.

TexWisGirl said...

i think you should go ahead and get the redneck wine glass - then use it for coffee too. the lid might come in handy while you're painting! :)

Brk Trt said...

Another fine piece.
You paint the brook trout as he truly is... different, each one unique.

Unknown said...

Todd - thanks, one of these days I might give you a ring while I'm in Bangor for a bit of fishing
Tomek and GLech - glad u liked this brook and thanks for the kind words
TexWisGrl - you bet. It wasn't the first time it happened and I can promise it won't be the last. My boy sure got a kick out of though.
Brktrt - they sure are. I'm already thinking about the next one I'm going to paint.

Your lovely wife said...

I was reading your blog when your son looked over my shoulder and laughed and said, "Mom, show me the video of dad putting paint in his coffee." When I told him there was no video he proceeded to do a re-enactment..... hilarious!

Mark Kautz said...

I continue to be in awe of your artistic talent.