Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sketching And Remembering The Salt

After a great trip fishing the Florida Gulf shore I am back to reality.  No more waking with the sun to flip off my sandals on the shore, wade waist deep into the cool refreshing salt waters of the bay or ocean, and no more chasing those fins with my undersized 6w fly rod.  No more sand creeping into areas where sand should never go, no more taking the kiddos to the beach in the afternoon, and no more proudly watching while my kids take turns doing full face plants in the surf as their Bogey board tumbles drifts ashore.
Now its back to work and dreaming about the next time I can get to the salt.  I have been seeing allot of these stickers lately advocating the 'Salt Life' and now I know what they truly mean.  I think that I could fit in nicely living the life of a Hemingway novel on the back islands of the Florida Keys.  Salt Sand and Sun fit nicely with my idea of an ideal spot.  You throw in the opportunity to wade out from my back deck and flip flies and streamers at seriously aggressive fish on the ebb of the tide and I will be your huckleberry.  
In case your wondering about the horse sketch and scratching your head about what it has to do with the beach, well It doesn't.  As I said I'm back at work and currently stuck in Lexington KY.  I just thought I'd share a locally inspired sketch.  The picture below was the view out my back window of my Florida getaway.  A million dollar view that, thanks to a generous aunt that owns the place, didn't cost me a dime.  My wife and kids will remember it for ever.
and the picture below was our last sunset taken just out of St Pete on a point overlooking the bay.


Anonymous said...

You are blessed Joel. Remember to thank the Lord.

Brk Trt said...

Good stuff.
Those photos are awesome.

Bigerrfish said...

Im sure you had a memorable time... Awesome sketches and some great photos!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments. It was a great trip!