Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Sailboat & A Ladyfish

While on one of our daily excursions to the beach with the kidos, this beautiful sailboat was cruising past just a few hundred yard off shore and begged to be sketched out. I love about everything nautical and as I'm sketching I begin to wonder why I don't do more sailboat pictures.  Maybe when I get back home I'll take out the paint and try my hand at a few schooners.
I also got up early and took the fly rod down to the beach instead of the grass flats of the bay. In 2 hours of fast and furious fishing I believe my father-inlaw and I hooked into over 40 ladyfish, jacks, and pompeno.  The ladyfish you see in the picture fought hard and jumped about a dozen times before I landed her. Beautifully strong fish that can leap 3-5 feet in the air and shake their head with such force, you had better be hooked in good or else all you'll get is a glimpse of that fine lady.
Oh, did I mention that the only fly rod I brought on this trip was a 6 weight!  That right, a 6w!  A Freekin Blast!

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