Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello Again

Hello again.... Okay, I know I have been slacking lately with this blog as well as my painting and my fishing.  I did get a day free while at work a few weeks ago up in Allentown PA to do a bit of fishing on the Little Leigh River but due to the previous weeks rains, all I got was muddy shoes and the opportunity to tie up a good two dozen flies to replace the ones the river claimed.  I would like to thank Mike from dubthethorax for pointing me in the right direction and hopefully next time that I am up that way I can get some better water conditions and big browns.  When I was there I could see the potential for that stretch of river.  Unfortunately due to the heavy spring rains the water was a deep chocolate muddy mess and I would have had to drag a hook across the back of an unsuspecting fish en-order to get a hook up.  I just spent the day shooting in the dark and praying for a lucky bite...... and it was still better than working.  Anytime I can do something like that while on a business trip is a good day, fish or no fish.
 Last month I really tore it up with the fishing and I decided (or I was informed) that I have tapped out my fishing days while at home for a while so I have been spending the last few weeks either at work or with the family and the time with the family has been quite enjoyable.  Hopefully I can get back into the groove soon with some new paintings and fish on the hook.  I also hope to spend a little time over the next few days catching up with what my fellow anglers have been posting.  I bet that there is a bunch of catch reports that will make for great reading.

(The above painting is @ 6x8 watercolor available for purchase - Email me for information on this piece)


Troutdawg said...

Glad you were able to get again lately, too much work and not enough fishing never a good thing!

JB said...

Love your site! Added you to our blog roll. Keep up the great work.