Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tenkara In Fly Rod And Reel

I was browsing my new Fly Rod & Reel magazine the other day and saw something great for the Tenkara fishers of the US as well as  A big shot in the fly fishing literary world, John Gierach, did a great article on fishing with the TeankaraUSA owner and Tenkara ambassador - Daniel - .  It seems that as us bloggers sing the praises of fishing small streams with the tenkara setup, the rest of the fishing community is bound to catch on sooner or later.  I say that when the great Gierach has begun to sing the praises of the Tenkara rod, our little secret has hit the mainstream.
I also took the fly rod out to the local pond the other day and hooked a few pan fish.  Hopefully in the next week I can hook into a few trout and spare all you the boredom of looking at more bluegill photos.  Until then, here is another gill with my old school reel and a 55year old rod.  Except for the line and the fly the outfit I used that day was all old the day I was born....... And It Still Catches Fish. You just have to love the classics!


e.m.b. said...

That is an amazing painting! So much movement...opposing tensions, pulling -- yet, existing together perfectly proportioned. Beautiful....!

cofisher said...

A Pflueger Sal-trout?

Gierach singing the praises of Tenkara? The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

Sanders said...

Beautiful painting! I've never fished with a Tenkara rod, but look forward to trying it out. Keep posting those gills! love those little guys


I love the bluegill...what a great pic!