Monday, February 28, 2011

The Koi Study

So talking to a friend the other day she told me that she really enjoyed the look of Koi and had even put a Koi pond in her back yard.  It got me thinking that that was not a fish I had even thought of painting.  I mean, Koi, really?  Is that a fish one thinks of fishing for and as such, is that a fish I would want to paint? 
Why Not.  After a bit of google research I even found a few fly fisherman proudly holding up massive Koi.  I am not sure how these seemingly sleepy fish will act on a hook since the only ones I have ever seen were pets in a pond.  Anyway, here is an afternoon quick study to see how my eye sees the Koi.  I got to say that I'm not that disappointed in the result.
 I decided to document my attempt at this new study so here is a progressive picture record of the Koi Study.  Being an Asian fish I decided that the classic yin-yang style of pose was appropriate.
 After I finalised the sketch I worked in a watery backdrop for the subjects to set on. 
Then I added in a mix of colors for the Koi.  Deep reds, bright yellows, and dark blue all added at the same time and then allowed to flow together to allow the look of life and the movement of the fish.  I then added all the details to get the finished painting you see at the top of the post.
Over all I was pleased with the finish product and as this was just a study to work on my technique with this type of subject, you might just see a larger work some time down the road.  That is if I get some free time at home someday this month.  As it is right now I haven't even had enough time to break away and awake the bass that are warming up down here in the south.
As a parting photo I leave you with a shot taken on one of my latest trips.  You just cant get that kind of view at ground level.


Jay said...

Very nice painting as always.
Koi = Carp
The Koi is just a pretty, domesticated version of the Common Carp. They are actually the same species and even have the same scientific name: Cyprinus carpio.
I imagine our carp fly fishing friends would know a thing or two about what to expect from one hooked on a fly. They might be a bit more docile when hooked, but they're probably still very strong.
I have actually caught a Koi in the wild (with a net) that was swimming with wild carp... somebody's released (or escaped) pet. I don't think it takes much for them to return to their wild nature.

Brk Trt said...

They are very relaxing to view.
That photo is awesome.

Nicely done

Mike Sepelak said...

Nice stuff, as always! The arial shot is absolutely lovely.

Anonymous said...

that painting would look a lot better with one of my san juan worms dangling out of a koi's mouth. haha. Great work as usual!

Michael Agneta said...

Wow. That photo...turn that into a watercolor. Amazing!

Not to detract from the Koi painting, which is very nice in it's own right. I swear there's some big ones swimming in the lake by my house.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the comments guys. Glad you liked the post.
Jay - thanks for the info. I would still be interested to see if those Koi would put up a fight or behave like a lazy gold fish.

Mike & BrkTrt - Thanks, glad you liked the photo, I occasionaly get good a good pic on my travels.

Roughfisher - I was thinking of your site when I painted this but was unable to find any Koi there. If there is anyone out there that might know how a Koi fights when caught I figured it would be you.

troutrgs - thanks, I wouldn't do the real thing justice. How about hooking one of those big boys and share with us how a big goldfish fights on a fly rod.

Vanda Gould said...

Im a Koi Fish Lover, and i find them really beautiful, their colour, how they swim and interact with each other fascinates me.

Nice work, i like your painting :)

Vanda Gould