Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Four Sketches Of Flies & The Sea Dog

 Spending a little time on the road doesn't really lend itself to bringing much of anything with you except the almighty pen.  I would love to be able to bring my paper and paints, my fishing gear, and fly tying equipment but that just isn't going to happen, so instead I settle for sketching on the road.  Besides, this week I spent some time in Maine and short of ice fishing - the trout season isn't going to be open till spring.
 These flies are just a few of some of the sketches I worked on the other day.  In their present inked form they may resemble many different types of flies but they actually are rendered from an English tying book and so the names might not be that familiar to you.    From top down they are: Greenwells Glory - a nice little winged wet fly short shanked hook, The Green Peter - another winged fly fished dry or wet that is very heavily hackled,
 The Moc's Cert - streamer fly with dark hair back and jungle cock 'eyes', and the frequently used and beloved Iron Blue Wingless - a type of wet fly that has been in nearly every tying book I have ever seen and simply a great, effective fly.

While on the road I also managed to stop by my favorite brew pub in the Northeast - The Sea Dog.  For those that have not heard of them you might have heard of their sister Brewery - Shipyard.  Great seafood - a selection of fine brews - and an atmosphere only a snowy Maine winter can provide.  If every you find yourself in Bangor Maine - or Portland I guess - I encourage you to stop by and have a pint.  I look forward to every visit I have there.  I recommend the East India stout or Windjammer Pale.  They also have a Blue Berry brew that has a select following but is not really to my liking but you might find it tasty.


Brk Trt said...

That streamer looks interesting.
Do you have any more info on it?

Anthony said...

Do they still have the Hazelnut Porter? That was my fav back when I was at U.Maine

Unknown said...

Brk Trt - Here is what I got
Hook Long Shank 4 - 8
Thread Black
Body Rear 2/3 Flat Silver, Front 1/3 Black Seals Fur
Rib Oval Silver
Hackle Black Hen
Wing Black Bucktail with Peacock over
Cheeks Jungle Cock
Its often tied for sea run trout or salmon and seems big over the pond - should do well tied up smaller out here on our streams - I'll let you know how it does as soon as i can get to a stream.

Anthony - yes they do and it is still tasty! It was the first pint I ordered when I pulled up a stool.

Brk Trt said...

Joel, Thanks

Regular Rod said...

Lovely work! It is a joy to behold...

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