Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Poaching To Supplement My Lack Of Stream Time

Bigerrfish Winter Trout
 I haven't been fishing lately mostly due to the fact that my Jeep has been out of commission but that hasn't kept me from thinking of fishing.  In order to fill that need for fish I have been turning to the bloggers to see how they have been fairing so far this year.  One of these is none other than the Bigerrfish - not a typo - It is spelled with two rr's.  Most all my followers are also his so you more than likely already know that he seems to out fish most others.  Its not the first time I've poached his blog in order to fill my creel and it more than likely wont be the last.

 Anyway - I was jonesin for some stories and fishing adventure and caught this pic of a beat up trout on the snow and his Ross Reel that hooked it. A not so long story short - I liked the look of it and took a few lazy hours on the weekend to whip out a quick painting of it. As time was running short I only had my cellphone camera to take some pics of not very good quality but I did manage to take a few progressive painting photos.  I am not happy with the colors that the cellphone camera pics up and i hope that in the next week I might be able to get a better representation of what the painting actually looks like.  For now Its all I got and as such, Its all you get.  My apologies.

 Some of you might also remember that Josh and I teamed up this past summer for a few joint posts of the flies we fish.  I have never met the guy on the river but I am hoping that sometime this year I might take him up on his offer to guide me around his rivers.  If you haven't had the opportunity to view his blog, check it out.
A quick note on my trout chasing Jeep - I am told that It will soon be finished and back on the road.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  I Need To Go Fishing.  Granted that the nasty weather in the south recently would have curbed my fishing anyway but it not having transportation or the option to hit the stream when the mood hits me has been hard to take.  So I am hoping to have a few good posts on fishing - with actual fish and not paintings - by the end of the month.


cofisher said...

Great work Joel. I would love a copy of this some day if it's going to available. You're amazing.

Bigerrfish said...

Joel, this stuff is an Honor to say the very least!
Thank you. Your an exceptional artist and a great guy.. If you do make it to Co...The offer stands, for ever.

Unknown said...

I can't believe you made it the whole year. I was just catching up on some of your posts and they look great. I agree with Bigerrfish you are a exceptional artist, but not about being a great guy....that may be a bit of a "fish story". The only reason I can say that is that I am your brother and know better. Good work and I just got "The Spider & The Midge" downloaded to my phones wallpaper.


Josh's fish is my FISH OF THE WEEK!!! What a beautiful painting!