Friday, February 19, 2010

Bag Oh Deer Hair, Mount, & A Midge (#7)

Just picked up my deer mount from the Taxidermist last night and for those that are wondering what the head of a deer has to do with fly fishing - I'll get to that. I taged this beauty last November on the 13th - a friday (lucky for me and not so lucky for the buck). Got it with a single shot, breech loading 12g on a WMA I hunt just south of Greenville. (It took more than one shot to hit him so don't think I pluged him the first shot. I actualy had to breech load again and didn't get him till he was 180 degrees from where I first shot.)
The processor did a good job on the meat and at a fair price and recomended a taxidermist for the mount. Mike the Taxidermist did a great job and was the cheepest I have ever seen. He was a full $100 cheeper than any place I've ever looked at.
So what does this have to do with fly fishing you ask??? While I was picking up the deer mount I asked him what he does with the extra hair and tails he doesn't use. He told me he tosses them and I promply offered to take them off his hands. So for the cost of a deer mount, I not only got a good wall hanging but I got enough deer hair (already cleaned and treated) to last me till I'm 50. Black, white, natural brown, and verigated colors of hair for free. SCORE!!

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