Thursday, February 19, 2015

Its Been A While

I wont go into why its been so long since my last post except to say, occasionally a few things in life are more important than fishing and art.  Of course I haven't been all idle in my absence from the web so here is just a few doodles and pics I have done recently to pass the very few idle moments.
.Sketching goofy fish...
A random streamer illustration
An illustration for a friend that is a big Auburn fan but stuck in the frozen tundra.
yes.. I know this has nothing to do with fishing but I am a big fan of old movies and Grace Kelly inspired me.

Hopefully I can break out of this frozen cycle of winter and get to a trout stream soon.  Here are just a few more pics of my recent activities relating to fishing.

I even found time to sneak in a movie... or two.  Ironically I caught up with the Fly Fishing Film Tour in Billings Montana... Don't ask how or why I was there, unfortunately I was not there for fishing but this find was a much needed break from a rough schedule.

And now you are caught up.  Come spring I hope to get in more fishing and even more art.


Jim Yaussy Albright said...

Welcome back.

Atlas said...

Glad to see you are posting again! How did you enjoy the Film Tour? I have been itching to see that.

cofisher said...

Nice to see you back Joel!

Mark Kautz said...

Hang in there Joel. Relief should be on the way. I mean, how much can you guys take?

HighPlainsFlyFisher said...

Good to have you back online....I always enjoy seeing your latest art creation. Anyone can catch a fish , but drawing one is an entirely different story!!

Unknown said...

The film tour was good. A bit heavy on the environmentalism and conservation for me.. I mean its a film tour for fly fishermen... We Get IT! Now show more fishing and less talking. You don't need to beat a dead horse. But the last few films were great.

Thanks for all the support guys