Wednesday, August 20, 2014

World Record Coho Salmon

    After having this on my project list for some time I finally got the finishing touches done on this world record Coho (silver inland) Salmon for angler Greg Raymond.  Caught in the chilly waters of Lake Michigan this fish is a certified beast weighing in at exactly 18lbs.
  Last October Greg hauled this monster in on standard rod and reel just off the coast of Wisconsin.  In doing so he sealed his place in the record books for the largest coho caught in Lake Michigan for its class.
  A little while ago Greg contacted me and asked if I would be interested in painting this fish for him.  As you can imagine I eagerly jumped on the opportunity to paint such an important catch.  Its not every day that a record holding fish comes across the table of my studio.
    Congratulations to Greg and his beautiful fish.
I can only hope that I have done your world record Coho Salmon justice.  May it hang on you wall for years to come and may you remember that day every time you look at it.


cofisher said...

Beautiful! I saw this on Facebook this morning. Congrats to Greg. You did it justice Joel.

Unknown said...

Thanks Howard.

Greg Raymond said...

Just incredible! Great job Joel.
I am so happy and proud to have the painting hanging in my home.

Greg Raymond