Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tenkara Revolution

  That's right, its another Tenkara Post.  I was asked to go fishing the other day by my little boy and I thought it high time I taught them how to cast and handle a fly rod on their own so with a little coaching and demonstration I handed him the rod and he let loose.
  I have been extremely busy lately with various projects and my day job so creating art for the sake of art has taken a bit of a backseat.  However as I sit on a rare amount of free time I decided it was high time to create my own little Tenkara Revolution Poster.  Tenkara has developed into a cult like obsession for the true believers and a zen type of fly fishing for others but one thing holds true for all those that do it - they all have a little renegade in them.  Embracing that inner revolutionary is a part of the experience.
 Now about a little recent fishing I've done lately.  Last weekend I took the rod to the pond. I know its no monster but boy was he proud of it and to hook and catch a bass on his own was a big thing.  If you are looking to get kids into fly fishing and want a setup that has style that is easy to grasp then join the revolution and go get yourself a Tenkara rod and forget the reel.  However For you older folks who might think the Tenkara thing is a simple thing below your skill level you might be surprised with the wide rang of skills it takes to master this eastern style of stream fishing.  It is best described as fly fishing boiled down to its simplest form that takes a few minutes to learn and a lifetime to master.
 I absolutely love taking mine on trips and backpacking adventures.  Its simplicity and light load allows one to be free from all the trappings of fly fishing gear.  If you haven't don it yet - what are you waiting for?

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Mark Kautz said...

OK Joel, that older folks comment got my attention. I'm not sure, but at 68 I think I'm the oldest in this group of bloggers we all frequent. AND, I'm part of that revolution you're talking about. In fact, it does take a wide range of skills to keep the rod tip out of the trees, make sure (if you don't have one of those new fangled Tenkara rods) you don't lose the plug, not to mention fighting with Tenkara Sasquatch to keep him from stealing your rod. Like you said, "If you haven't done it yet" what the hell is the holdup?

cofisher said...

Don't pay much attention to Mark, he's a grumpy old man. Love the shirt...Tenkara, while not my cup of tea has a place or I'd wear one. I love my John Wayne model.