Thursday, May 15, 2014

Splashing Paint For Trout

  I did a little splashing of the paint today as more of a stress relieving practice than anything else.  I had a few things in mind to paint but when it really came down to it I painted what I enjoy painting the most.  Big surprise - Its a trout.
  Here is how it started an a few quick brush strokes and a bit of drying time later we had a finished piece.
As a stress reliever this did the trick and it felt good to finally have a small bit of time to sit down and do it.  My work schedule has been killing me and finding time to spend with the family, much less paint for fun, has been at a premium lately.  Unfortunately it looks as if the coming months will only get worse so if you are a devoted follower of this blog then I apologize in advance for the lack of posts that are bound to happen.
 If you would like to purchase this original trout watercolor just shoot me an email.  It will go relatively cheap to the first good home that wants it.


Tom Matt Trout Travel said...

Fascinating! As usual! It is impossible not to watch! Congratulations!

cofisher said...

If the price is right, box it up and send it to me Joel.

Daniel said...

It looks great.

Bigerrfish said...

Nice work! it looks like an action photo... the fish looks painted but alive!!!