Friday, November 23, 2012

Fly Friday - A Guest Post By My Little Girl

  So I was all set to do a 'Fly Friday' post of a the ' Little Rainbow' buck-tail streamer but my little girl trumped me.  In the time it took me to do the research, draw the fly, and upload it to my computer my little artist had seven top notch flies put to paper.  Pretty soon I may have to hand off this blog to her.
  Somehow she managed to cover the spectrum of flies as well.  Roughly from top to bottom - A Popsicle, a Blacknose Dace, the salt water Crab (Center), the Drake Edison Tiger (top right), The Telico, a Red and White Bass Hair Bug, and finally Lefty's Bug.  I truly am a proud papa.
  I hope you all had a great turkey day and may you all enjoy the rest of the long weekend.


cofisher said...

I think there is another artist in the family Joel. Three thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

She has learned a lot from sitting at your side. Great!

Unknown said...

She is really starting to make some great drawings. She fills up sketch books faster than I can get her new ones.

Lucas Carroll said...

Awesome stuff!