Friday, September 28, 2012

Painting the Whitetail Buck

  As the fall hunting season begins my mind cant help but drift to those prevalent whitetail deer that roam the forests of North America.  I am by no means an avid hunter, but I do occasionally find myself being called to the deep woods to hunt these great creatures.  Nothing can beat watching a great buck emerge from a thickly wooded forest in the light of a morning dawn.
  A few days ago however I had a small surgery that has had me laid up for the time being.  It was nothing major, just enough to keep me in the house.  So there I sit, unable to wet a fly or notch my bow and sit among the changing colors of the forest to wait for a deer to pass by.  For a guy that can't sit still for long and always has a project in the works, it is a brutally long recovery.  Today however I felt good enough to exercise my mind and soon found myself picking up paint and paper to paint an outdoor scene that I can only imagine.
This is quite the departure from my usual paintings of trout and fly fishing but I am sure that even the anglers out there can enjoy a Fall Whitetail Buck in a wooded scene.  There might be even a few hunters out there that will stumble on this blog and appreciate this painting.
As for the painting itself, it incorporates many elements that I have never really tried before.  First the deer - I have painted a buck before but never one in such a setting.  It took some practice sketching out the deer and the colors of fur took some experimentation but I think it turned out okay.  Next is the forest - For a guy that concentrates on water and the fish that swim in it, the fall colors of the forest was a real challenge for me.  I decided to forget about the details and go with a classical quick brush stroke approach.  Adding in the lighter sky and barks of the trees with the colors and thin dark branches eventually gave me the contrast I was looking for.
    I am calling it "Fall Whitetail Buck".  The painting measures roughly 11"x9" but will probably fit best in a 8x10 matted frame.  It IS FOR SALE.  Just email me for the details if your interested.  If you would like a print of this work you can email me as well and if I find enough interest in it I might run off a limited count of 8x10 prints.


Tom Matt Trout Travel said...

A beautiful thing. With the rest, as usual!

Mark Kautz said...

You certainly aced it. Your artistic talents never cease to amaze me. Well done, Joel.


BorneoAngler said...

Nice painting..keep it up.
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Unknown said...

Tomek - thanks again. It's always great to hear from fellow outdoor enthusiasts across the pond.

Shoreman - I appreciate the complement! Your amazement keeps me motivated to further improve my abilities

Anglers - thanks and I will.

Blake said...

you sure invested some great work into that, the colors and detail are tremendous