Sunday, October 31, 2010

PT On Blue

I believe I have either painted, drawn, or tied this little bug more times than I can remember and it still remains a constant contender in my go-to box of tricks.  Variations abound with the good old Pheasant Tail but the classics never die.  Every nymphing fisherman has fished it and I venture to say nearly every single one of them has had a bite on one.  It continues to be one of the all time top flies in any top fly list.

As for the sale of this little bug, It is for sale for a reduced price of $15 plus $4 s&h.  Normally most of my daily flies go for $25 ea (and if you desire any of the past flies please contact me for info) but I have decided to reduce the cost of some of my flies for a short time.  This one is a bit more than 4x6 inches and comes mated in a black and white archival mat suitable for framing.  Please email me for details.

Check back on Monday for a one day only sale of some of my prints at a reduced price.

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