Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brookie & The Zebra Midge

Here is a nice brookie with the fly that took him. I've always liked the idea of capturing a fish in watercolor then mounting the fly neatly with the painting. With this I'v added the fly as a painting as well since it keeps with my theme of this blog. I have curently have a pencil wash drawing of a brown I took some years ago hanging in my dining room with an inset of the Elk Hair Caddis that took him mounted just under him. I let that beautifull fish go but now every time I look at the picture it reminds me of that good day.


Colorado Angler said...

Brook Trout - a beautiful fish (and fun to catch!).

Zebra - one of my all-time favorite flies and a solid producer.

Nice, Joel - great piece!

Unknown said...

It always brings a big grin to my face to find a brookie on the end of my line. Thanks for the comment.