Monday, July 7, 2014

Red Cheek Rainbow Trout

  Painting trout has a special attraction to me an its not only because I also love to catch them.  They are some of the most picturesque fish in nature and it is a joy to capture their unique beauty in translucent pigments that make the colors pop.  The color of a brilliant red cheeked rainbow is like a painting so it is only natural that I would want to capture a hint of that beauty in my work.

  Truth be told, I am playing a little bit of catch up with these blog posts.  I actually painted this piece last week and just haven't taken the time to post it here on the blog.  Time has been at a premium as of late and taking the time to paint a work like this and then turn around a do a write up on it right after it is done amounts to a long day at the kitchen table that could have been spent playing with the kiddos.
    Now with the patriotic weekend in the rear-view mirror and still ten digits to show after setting our street ablaze with fireworks I'm back to the blog.

"Red Cheek Rainbow Trout"
Watercolor on Paper
14in x 11in
For Sale

.  A lot of you have already see this over on the facebook page which has been getting a quite a workout lately.  For you that are not yet a member of my HexFishing page on Facebook and want to see my paintings before they hit the blog I encourage you to click on over and join.  
  If your wall space is limited but you still want to own a piece of this painting then check out my tees HERE or on the button at the top of this blog.  Its a trout anglers alternative to all the Guy Harvey shirts out there.


Mel said...

Very nice! Being a Pond Stalker kind of guy, I would have really loved to have that recent Bluegill painting you did on a T-Shirt. Any possibilities?

Unknown said...

I'll see what I can do pond stalker. :-)

cofisher said...

You've got to slow down Joel. I need to earn more money to afford my habits!

Bill Trussell said...

Another outstanding painting---I keep thinking of that bluegill painting----thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Howard, time to sell a kidney :-)

Bill - I'm sure I'll paint a few more in the future. Next to the trout they are a favorite of mine for the variety of colors they show. The two blugills are still in my studio though if your interested.