Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello Fly Fishing Heaven

After a week dodging long lines and chasing Mickey around Disney the fam and I did laundry, repacked our luggage,  and headed west. Three flights later we landed in West Yellowstone and were greeted with beautiful weather and the most wonderful rivers a fly angler could hope for.
After a two hour drive north my jaw dropped when we came to a four way stop and literally saw four... that's right FOUR! fly shops. One shop for every corner. About three hundred yards further on I slammed on the brakes.  Off to the left was SIMMS. YOU BET I STOPPED!  
I'm moble posting so don't expect to many wonderful photos this week but I am sure to have a great couple of posts once I get back. Right now however I am just stunned at the beauty of the place.
I can't wait to wet some salmon flies!


cofisher said...

Go Joel! We'll wait for the pictures.

Lefty Angler & Flies said...

We might bump in if you drive and fish around Paradise Valley.
Have a good trip!

Unknown said...

Howard -I'm taking as many as my phone will hold. It might be hard to narrow the pics down

Satoshi - if that's near the Gallatin, The Bear Trap, or the Ruby then we might see you. Right now I'm just trying to get my bearings.