Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hello Fly Fishing Heaven

After a week dodging long lines and chasing Mickey around Disney the fam and I did laundry, repacked our luggage,  and headed west. Three flights later we landed in West Yellowstone and were greeted with beautiful weather and the most wonderful rivers a fly angler could hope for.
After a two hour drive north my jaw dropped when we came to a four way stop and literally saw four... that's right FOUR! fly shops. One shop for every corner. About three hundred yards further on I slammed on the brakes.  Off to the left was SIMMS. YOU BET I STOPPED!  
I'm moble posting so don't expect to many wonderful photos this week but I am sure to have a great couple of posts once I get back. Right now however I am just stunned at the beauty of the place.
I can't wait to wet some salmon flies!


Howard said...

Go Joel! We'll wait for the pictures.

Satoshi Yamamoto said...

We might bump in if you drive and fish around Paradise Valley.
Have a good trip!

Joel D said...

Howard -I'm taking as many as my phone will hold. It might be hard to narrow the pics down

Satoshi - if that's near the Gallatin, The Bear Trap, or the Ruby then we might see you. Right now I'm just trying to get my bearings.