Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Hammer Creek

     If you are like me then you enjoy discovering new and interesting sites that can be used to further your knowledge in the art of fly fishing.  Hammer Creek Fly Fishing is one of those sites you are going to want to bookmark. Not only is it extremely well put together and organized but it has an extensive library of original fly tying videos that are top notch.  For a guy like me that is always consulting youtube for tying advice, I strongly recommend bookmarking this great site.
    Kyle, the owner of Hammer Creek, has a love for fly fishing that has driven him to create this site and so when he asked me to come up with an original logo that would stand out beyond the hum of all the other sites, I jumped at the opportunity.
   Starting with the name and the industrial feel of the site with its great photography and black and white imagery, I began to explore creating a unique trout logo with gears and a eye catching appeal.  All told I think we went through about four solid revisions until we settled on this highly original logo.
   One element incorporated into this design that you might find interesting is how I created the gears.  Using the accessories end of a Chevy small block as inspiration I was able to cobble together a very intricate set of gears and flywheels.  Its not your typical spots on a trout but I think it sure gives the logo that rough industrial feel we were going for.
  Click on over to Hammer Creek Fly Fishing and tell Kyle hi.  Check out his videos and follow his blog.  You wont leave disappointed.


Tom Matt Trout Travel said...

COOL !!!!

cofisher said...

Joel, without a doubt, you are the man. I love the logo and your art. Thanks for the tip on Hammer Creek.

Mel said...

Well, I do not know anyone else that could have done a better job. Kudo's to you, Joel, and to Kyle for his work!

Unknown said...

All kind words from great guys. Thanks Tomek Howard and Mel for your support and thanks Hammer Creek for the opportunity

Bill Trussell said...

Tremendous amount of info--thanks for sharing