Have Your Fish Painted

For those of you that would like to have a picture of your once in a lifetime fish rendered into a work of art this is the place to have it done.  This is unique way to display your catch and at the same time have a piece of art to hang over your fly tying bench to reflect on in those free moments one finds while waiting for the head cement to dry.  The process is quite simple:

1. Send me ( jmdjdejong@gmail.com ) a picture of you and the fish or just the fish or your hands holding your fish or any combination or variation of the above. In the email please indicate what size you would desire as well as any additional information you might find relevant such as the fly or lure used it catching the fish, size, weight, exc..

2. I will email you back with instructions on how you can leave a 25% down payment before I start working on your original piece.

3. In a month or two I will email you pictures of the final work at which time you can complete the payment if you like the end product and I will ship the item in 7-10 business days.